10 Cool Gift Wrapping Ideas

10 creative diy gift wrap ideas;; onlinelabels.comIMG_0888

When it comes to gifts, I always trying to make the wrapping as special as the present itself. I think it shows the receiver how special they are to you. Here are some gift wrapping ideas using labels from that is easy, but also pretty cool.

Click here for the complete how-to. 

I used two different color palettes for these 10 gift wrap ideas.

Yellow, red, white and black.

Pink, blue, yellow and black.

10 creative diy gift wrap ideas;; onlinelabels.comIMG_0771

Use these templates or make your own.

Here are some tips:

  • Use markers.
  • Fold the labels to create fun 3-d shapes.
  • Use the backing of the labels.
  • Write special notes using letter labels.
  • Layer the labels.

10 creative diy gift wrap ideas;; onlinelabels.comIMG_0590 10 creative diy gift wrap ideas;; onlinelabels.comIMG_0556

Which one of these gift wrap ideas is your favorite?

I love the emoji, the star, the cherries, the flowers and butterfly.

Want more gift wrap ideas? Check out these other projects that I’ve made. 


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