Monthly Archive:: July 2014

Easy DIY Hippie Tassel Necklace Craft

I’m in love with this tassel necklace look that I found on Pinterest.                               This particular necklace is from Ascot Friday and is currently sold out. Bummer, I know. So, I decided to make my own. Yes, this tassel necklace from Ascot Friday

Easy Hippie Dream Catcher DIY Craft

This is one of my favorite DIY projects.Before I started this blog, my son Kai begged me to make a dream catcher for him. He was obsessed for a while. I decided to help him make his (shown at the bottom of the post) and make one for my room too. It’s so easy!! I don’t

DIY Embroidered Photo Art Craft

                          This week my husband and I celebrated our 18-year anniversary of meeting and being together. I wanted to give him a present. Here it is: an embroidered photo of us during one of our many trips that we took before our son

Modern Mary Poppins – Part 2 – Disney-inspired DIY chevron pillow

I’ve dedicated this week’s posts to Mary Poppins. Check out yesterday’s Hipster Mary Poppins DIY/craft and product roundup. I made this simple DIY chevron printed pillow with a Mary Poppins silhouette. You don’t even have to sew if you don’t want to! DIY No Sew (if you want) Chevron Pillow with Mary Poppins Silhouette What

DIY Funky family photo collage

Project Description This collage puts a funky twist on your average family photo. It’s so simple and it only about an hour to make, including drying time. Project Materials: Wooden frame/shadow box (I had this leftover from a previous project. You could also use card stock and put your collage in a real frame.) Mod

Wish bracelets and anklets

This summer I’m obsessed with wish bracelets and anklets. The concept is simple: You tie them onto your wrist or ankle and make a wish. When they fall off your wish will come true. Why spend 3x the amount of money in Urban Outfitters for the same type of bracelets when you can make a