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DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

I don’t know about you, but I love giving gifts so much more than receiving. I enjoy the whole process of giving a gift. Thinking about the person. I mean really thinking about them – trying to figure out what makes them happy. I’ve been giving personalized gifts the last few years. I started doing

Thanksgiving Leftover Labels + Free Printables

It’s Thanksgiving time!! Yay! I can’t wait for the turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, Brussel sprouts. It’s pure heaven breaking bread with my family. For me, I especially love Thanksgiving leftovers. Oh yeah, baby! I have a big family, so I normally only get an extra meal or two of the good stuff. My mom (we

DIY Ultra Plush Tassel Bookmark

Hey DIY’ers! Have I got a cool present for you to make for Christmas this year. Bookmarks!!! Bookmarks? You may say? I say, Yeah – These aren’t your ordinary bookmarks. These have ultra-fluffy, ultra-heavenly tassels. They are so luxurious and awesome. Pass them out to all of your bookworm friends, teachers, and whoever else you

DIY Arctic Animal Inspired Coasters Gift Idea

It’s just starting to get cold here in Florida. The high one day next week is supposed to be 68!!! Yay!!! It’s only supposed to last a couple of days, but man, I’m going to enjoy it. A nap in the hammock? Why, yes, of course I will. Next week is Thanksgiving and I have

2 Fun DIY Thanksgiving Kid Crafts

Get ready for Thanksgiving with these fun Fall kid crafts and decorations. I made these a few years ago for I love them! I think think they are so festive and fun. You’ll be surprised how easy they both are to make. I love them both. Which is your favorite? Turkey Pinecone: click here

Mason Jar Salad Recipes + Free Printable

So, you want to eat healthy, but don’t know where to begin? Well, let’s start by preparing your meals. This way you know exactly what’s going to be inside. Extra salt – no way. High in fat – not in my lunch. Loaded with sugar – not today. Here are 3 on the go salad

DIY Geometric Animal String Art

So, I’m obsessed!!! I love everything about this piece. 1: It’s string art. 2: It’s geometric. 3: It’s a seal. I love seals. I also like polar bears and penguins and narwhals. I was having a tough time deciding which animal to do, so stuck with the seal. If you like trendy animals, stick with

How to Make a DIY Thanksgiving Gratitude Fortune Cookie

What are you thankful for? I’m thankful for so many things: My family. My friends. My art. Enjoying life to its fullest. Seeing color and magic everywhere I look. Yoga. My morning walks. My massage therapist – lol – but for real. Holidays. Learning. Riding bikes. My home. My health. My backyard. Doing what I