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DIY Earth Day Map Candles

I love Christmas and Easter, but my favorite holiday of all is Earth Day. I don’t know, I guess it’s the little hippie in me. I found an old diary of mine from when I was in 6th grade. It said something like, “I think I’m an environmentalist.” Haha – of course I did. I

Get Organized: DIY Geometric Cork Board

I don’t know about you, but I’m not always the neatest person to in the world. My husband, Mr. Clean, can attest to that. But I really, really do try to maintain order. Honestly, I think it’s my artist brain that just doesn’t work orderly. You may laugh, but it’s true! I’m a wanna-be neat

How to Make Strawberry Planters

In the craft world, especially during summer, fruit DIYs are so trendy. Pineapples are on top of the list. A big thanks to sites like StudioDIY and Oh Happy Day for making that happen. This year, I thought I’d jump on the fruit trend band wagon, but skip the pineapple and go straight to the

DIY Eggshell Seedlings

If you’re a regular following of my blog, you’ll know that my son Kai really digs gardening. He has a nice garden in the backyard full of veggies. We buy starter plants from the store, but he also plants seeds as well. We recently read about starting seedlings in eggshells because shells are packed with

Bunny and Chick Easter Mason Jar Kid Craft

  Easter is this Sunday! It’s came so quickly this year! Check out these simple and cute Mason jar crafts I made for Click here for the complete how-to.  Each year, we spend Easter with my cousins and his kids. This year is no different, except we aren’t having our massive Easter egg hunt.

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie with Strawberry “Jelly” Dip

Kai and I have been gluten free for almost 2 years now. He is also corn free, additive free and refined sugar free – as best as we can. It sneaks in occasionally and unintentionally, but we do our best. At times he is peanut free and dairy free too. Just recently, we reintroduced peanuts

Rice Krispy Treat Spring Flowers + Free Printable

I walk Kai to school each morning and I can always tell when the new season is here in our early morning walks. When winter comes, there is a coolness in the air that wasn’t there before. Spring has been creeping up the last few weeks and I no longer need a sweatshirt in the

St. Patrick’s Day Pom Pom and Label Garland

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling lucky. Things in my life are on an upswing – the health of my  family is getting better little by little and finally, we are starting to see big gaps between today and years past. Work is going great. I have a lot of great clients. (See how

St. Patrick’s Day Guinness Beer Cheese Dip and Shamrock Chips

St. Patrick’s Day is next week!!! Are you feeling lucky? I am – especially since I made this St. Patrick’s Day Beer Cheese Dip for  Go there to get the complete recipe! I shared this with my buddy Mark, who gobbled it up. I actually sent it home with him to enjoy! Didn’t want him

How to Grow A Spring Garden

Ever since Kai was little, he has loved gardening. I think digging in the dirt is therapeutic for him. It’s a way for him to feel grounded. He says he loves to watch his plants grow. I often find him in the backyard singing or reading books to his plants. He comes home after school