3 Pork Chop Dinner Recipes

3 Pork Chop Dinner recipes;

What’s for dinner tonight? How about pork chops? I recently made three distinct flavored pork chops based on regions around the United States for and Hidden Valley. I focused on Buffalo, Hawaiian and Southwest. Click here for the complete recipes and even a video!!

For the basic pork chop recipe: you sauté it in oil olive and season it with salt and pepper.

Once cooked you can then add the toppings.

Hawaiian: Make a pineapple teriyaki sauce using brown sugar, soy sauce and pineapple juice, garlic and onion. Whisk it together and simmer. Then grill sliced pineapples. Mmmm. Pure Heaven.

3 Pork Chop Dinner recipes;

3 Pork Chop Dinner recipes;

Buffalo: Mix hot sauce with melted butter and garlic. Then blend sour cream, Greek yogurt, crumbled blue cheese together. Place on top of the pork chop. YUM!

3 Pork Chop Dinner recipes;

Southwest: Mix 1 avocado with Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing & Seasoning Mix until smooth. Drizzle over your pork chop and salad.

All of these recipes are so tasty! I think your family is going to love them!

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