4 DIYs for a Ninja Party

My son Kai is a black belt in Taekwando. It took him three years to achieve his goal! Amazing accomplishment for a 8 year old (he’s nine now).

He loves ninja things. So a few years back (yes I said a few years. I forgot to post this), I threw him a ninja birthday party. I made him an awesome ninja piñata, decorated fortune cookies and made ninja star cupcakes. Also, I sent the guests home with cute little Chinese take out box goodie bags. A

For the complete how-to go to 


For this piñata, I made paper mache shape from a balloon. Then decorated it with streamers that I fringed. I glued the streamers to the shape. I then glued a black streamer around it’s head and glued eyes to a piece of paper that I glued to the piñata.; ninja-party-fortune-cookies

For these fortune cookies, I dunked the tips into frosting, added sprinkles and let dry. It’s so easy, but it looks so fancy.


I made a Chinese star. Watch this video for instructions. Then added it to a lollipop stick and stuck it into a cupcake.


For the goodie bags, I made little yin yangs and glued them to Chinese to-go boxes.

I told you this party was easy.


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