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Fun Mod Podge Photo Craft Project

I was cleaning out of my studio the other day and I found some fun scrapbook paper that I’ve been holding on to for quite a while. I am a pack rat and I really needed to clean out my goods. So instead of throwing it away, I decided to finally use it. I also

Woven Yarn Trend Round-up

I’m in love with the woven, yarn and string trend in art, crafts, jewelry and even home décor. Even though it’s the dead heat of the summer, it gives you a warm cozy feeling. Lately, because of the heat, I’m dreaming of those cool winter nights. (I say “cool” because I live in Florida.) Here

What to Do with a Kid when Mom is Sick?

I was just hit with the worst stomach virus I’ve had in over 10 years. I couldn’t get out of bed for five days. My son Kai also felt it, but not as hard. THANK GOODNESS!!! I would hate to see him suffer like that. Come Day 5, however, Kai was getting restless. My husband had

Glow-in-the-Dark Lightning Strike Iron-on T-shirt

For Kai’s glow-in-the-dark party, I made him a special one-of-a-kind shirt. It was so easy. I have to admit, the shirt is a bit big, but that’s okay he’ll grow into it! Materials: Shirt Iron Scissors Lighting bolt shape (I found mine on Google images) Tape Iron-on transfer letters and sheet Step 1: Print out

Glow-in-the-Dark Lightning Strike Garland

Kai turns 8 today!! His glow in the dark bowling party is this Saturday! I’m planning a lot of fun DIYs for it. I’ll show a few on my blog and a few on Stay tuned for more! I love garland. It adds a festive feel to parties. That’s why I had to make

Easy DIY Hippie Tassel Necklace Craft

I’m in love with this tassel necklace look that I found on Pinterest.                               This particular necklace is from Ascot Friday and is currently sold out. Bummer, I know. So, I decided to make my own. Yes, this tassel necklace from Ascot Friday

Easy Hippie Dream Catcher DIY Craft

This is one of my favorite DIY projects.Before I started this blog, my son Kai begged me to make a dream catcher for him. He was obsessed for a while. I decided to help him make his (shown at the bottom of the post) and make one for my room too. It’s so easy!! I don’t

DIY Embroidered Photo Art Craft

                          This week my husband and I celebrated our 18-year anniversary of meeting and being together. I wanted to give him a present. Here it is: an embroidered photo of us during one of our many trips that we took before our son

Modern Mary Poppins – Part 2 – Disney-inspired DIY chevron pillow

I’ve dedicated this week’s posts to Mary Poppins. Check out yesterday’s Hipster Mary Poppins DIY/craft and product roundup. I made this simple DIY chevron printed pillow with a Mary Poppins silhouette. You don’t even have to sew if you don’t want to! DIY No Sew (if you want) Chevron Pillow with Mary Poppins Silhouette What