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DIY Valentine’s Day Pretzel Arrow Treat

Valentine’s Day is in two days!!! What will you be giving your sweetheart? How about these tasty Cupid Arrow pretzels? I came up with this pretzel arrow idea a few weeks ago and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I haven’t seen anyone else doing them. Totally original! (I think! Tell me if

How to Make Your Own Crystal Essense

Did you know that you can harness the vibration of a crystal into a liquid so you can use internally or even topically? I recently wrote a post for on the subject. Actually, this is a project my family loves to do, especially Kai. (As you can see below…he loves to make messes. But it’s

DIY Felt Valentine’s Day Envelopes for Cards

After each school Valentine’s Day party, my son Kai comes home with loads of sweet treats and adorable Valentines. The problem is that we have no where to keep them. Sure you don’t want to keep them all. Just one the ones from your BFFs. Also, in my family, we make Valentine’s Day cards for

Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Candy Pocket Crafts

My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is conversation hearts. I love them. A concoction of sugar and food dye. Normally, I try to be healthy, but there are some sweets that I just succumb to and conversation hearts is one of them. (Gum drops, Dots, candy corn and jelly beans are a few others.) Anyways,

Valentine’s Day DIY Pencil Class Gift

I recently designed these glittery pencil arrows for Click here for the how-to.  I love them. I actually love anything glittery. Here is what you’ll need: Glittery pencils Glittery cardstock Baker’s twine Cardstock Glue dots Heart hole puncher Regular hold puncher Scissors It’s so simple. I guarantee you’re child will have a blast making

DIY Faux Cacti Made from Rocks

  I love to garden (especially in my veggie garden). I love feeling the grounding Earth in my hands and watching as buds grow into flowers and then into fruit and veggies. I hate to admit it though, I don’t always keep up with the garden once I put in it. Life and the heat of

4 DIYs for a Ninja Party

My son Kai is a black belt in Taekwando. It took him three years to achieve his goal! Amazing accomplishment for a 8 year old (he’s nine now). He loves ninja things. So a few years back (yes I said a few years. I forgot to post this), I threw him a ninja birthday party.

DIY New Years Champagne Flutes

Make a New Years resolution to be more crafty this year. Start it off right by hand painting these champagne glasses with oil-based Sharpies. Use painter’s tape to get the clean lines. Go to for the full tutorial.  Here are some of my other New Years’ resolutions: Work on my fine art a bit more.

DIY Glitter Candle Vases

Perfect for New Years, a party or just because, here’s an easy DIY project that will take 15 minutes or less. I don’t know about you, but I have some old glass candle vases stuck in a closet that were just humdrum. So, I decided to spruce them up a bit with some glitter. I

Cozy Up Your Living Space with this DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

When you’re adding art pieces to your wall, you want to think about texture, color and shape. This DIY yarn wall hanging that I created for combines all three techniques. The best part, it’s so simple to make!!! All you need is a stick, yarn, scissors and some creativity to help you figure out what