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Halloween Cat Treat Bags

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or your class mom, here are some adorable and easy-to-make Halloween black cat treat bags. To get the complete tutorial, go to They are simple to make, but make a great impression. Basically, you need black goodie bags, silver tinsel pipe cleaners, and neon green and black card

DIY Sharpie Entertaining Tray

Don’t you just love having friends come over? I do! Luckily, when it’s spur of the moment, there are a couple of nice markets right near me where I can easily run up and buy some nice cheese, nuts and crackers. In the past, I put the goods on dinner plates or something not so

Halloween Candy Corn Jello Treat Recipe + Free Printable

Everyone loves Jello. One: it’s colorful. Two: it’s so easy to make. I made these Halloween Candy Corn Jello Treats for If you’d like a full step by step and the labels, please check out their blog. Basically, here’s how you do it. Your pour your yellow Jello (lemon or pineapple – I used

White Halloween Party and Craft Ideas

When I worked as the Lifestyle Editor for Parenting magazines a few years back before it closed, I was the in-house craft designer. One of my favorite stories that I created was based on a White Halloween Party concept. For a complete how-to on each of the projects, click here.   I loved creating the bone

M&M Cookie Recipe + Free Party Favor Printables

Kai and I have been going to a lot of birthday parties lately. Some have been so much fun, but they always pass out those little plastic toys that break after one use. Instead of passing out toys that will soon end up in the landfill, fill your guests bellies with a sweet parting treat.

Cupcake in a Jar Party Favor + Free Printable

For some reason, this time of year is load with family and friends birthdays. Kai’s birthday was two weeks ago. My husband’s birthday was this past week. My brother, bff, grandma, cousins and friends are all born this time of year. So, this post is dedicated to all of them! I designed these labels for

Hawaiian BBQ Sweet and Sour BBQ Sauce + Free Printables

Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop having BBQ’s. Think about it – there are tailgating parties, late-summer BBQs and pool parties and back-to-school bashes. Better yet, it can be a random Thursday night where you’re just craving a some tasty grilled chicken. Here is a delicious recipe that

How to Bedazzle a Birthday Candle

Kai turns 9 today!!!! Holy smokes!!! We are in Philadelphia. Even though we didn’t throw him a tradition birthday party, much to his dismay, I am trying to make his birthday as special as I can. I bought him a special “9” t-shirt from an Etsy shop. I even bedazzled him a birthday candle. Even little

How to Make a DIY Blanket Fort

Last year I teamed up with Netflix and transformed my living room into a cool blanket fort for family movie night. It’s also a great idea for a sleep over!! Here’s how to do it in a just a few simple steps. Just don’t forget the candy and popcorn! Supplies: Fishing line or string Pillows