Chill Out and Cool Off with a DIY Peacock Paper Fan peacock summer fan

Add some flair to your summer with this paper peacock, finger painted fan I crafted for Get the full how-to here.

I love working with paper. Card stock is my favorite. I like how it’s a little heavier than regular paper, but it’s still easy to work with. Want to see some of my fine art paper design? Click here.

These old school paper fans were simple to make. I folded the card stock accordian-style and stuffed the end into an old school clothespins for the handle. Then I wrapped it with an embroidery thread to hold them together. Don’t you remember making these when you were a kid? I do.

Instead of brushing the paint (I chose neon, because I’m obsessed) onto the paper, I decided just to use my fingers.I told you it was old school. To modernize it, I added cute little paper peacock characters to the front. The fans themselves are the feathers. Super cute, don’t you think? peacock fan


Here are some other fun crafts and activities that will keep your kids busy this summer. Check them out!

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Old School Shrinky Dink – Since these paper fans are old school, I thought you could also make these old school Shrinky Dink necklaces too. I LOVE THESE!

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