Chill Out with these 3 Homemade Popsicle Recipes

It is so hot outside! This summer has been brutal! In fact, my husband wants to move from Florida to Seattle where it’s cooler.

To help us chill out from the hot summer heat, I made some homemade popsicle recipes and printables for Click here for the complete recipes.

I made three recipes:

  • Watermelon-lime-mint
  • Coconut-orange-honey
  • Blueberry-lemonade

The coconut orange honey one was my family’s favorite. In fact, Kai slurped these down so fast that I had to make him a second batch the next day. It’s so good!

The watermelon was so-so. I love it as a smoothie, but frozen it wasn’t my favorite.

For more fruity recipes, check these out below:



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