DIY Caramel Apple Recipe + Free Printable


Don’t you just love fall? I love it. I especially fresh in season apples. YUM! I mean seriously. They are crispy and fresh. Pure heaven if you ask me.

As I was brainstorming ideas for this post, I was thinking about doing a Halloween caramel apple. Then I thought, why only have caramel apples in the fall. Why not all year long? So, I decided to make caramel apples using fun colors rather than sticking to the basic orange and black.

Check out how to make these apples on

But in the mean time, here are some quick steps to look over first.


Step 1: Melt store-bought caramel in a glass container in the microwave.


Step 2: Smear the melted caramel on the apples.


Step 3: Pour sprinkles and M&Ms on your apples. Then set in the fridge for 1 hour.


Talk about easy!

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