DIY Cardboard Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes -;

Two Halloweens ago, hired me to make them some costumes out of cardboard. Here are five cardboard halloween costumes that I designed for them.

I loved making these. They were all so different, but fun and not as complicated as you’d imagine.

Samurai Warrior Halloween Cardboard Costume

Samurai Warrior DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes -;

Kai is the samurai warrior. Click here for the instructions. 
I love that he is missing one of his front teeth. He looks so authentic. haha. Kai is now a black belt in taekwando and at the time he was just six months into it. So, I thought it’d be perfect to cast him as the samurai.

Rocket Man Halloween Cardboard Costume

Rocket Man DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes -;

I casted Kai’s bff Beahr as the rocketman. (Click here for a complete tutorial.)

Beahr is such a sweet boy. (Check out a cool gift that I made for him.  While, I’m showing his and Kai’s friendship off, check out this post where they are busy with pom poms and painter’s tape.)

Back to the costume, I love it because it’s so cool from the front and the back. I love the star element and how’s it’s shown on the front and back on the wings and shirt.

DIY Halloween Cardboard Costume Rocketman;;

Rainbow Unicorn Cardboard Costume

Rainbow Unicorn DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes -;

Next is Taylor. This little unicorn has such a beautiful and big personality. She’s one of the sweetest children you’ll ever meet. It was so hard to pick the best photo, she had so many.

For a complete tutorial, click here.

While we’re talking about rainbow unicorns, check out this rainbow unicorn party my bff threw for yourself last year. It was a dream of hers come true.

Frankenstein Halloween Cardboard Costume 

Frankenstien DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes -;

Jack made an awesome Frankenstein. This was a fun costume to make. I found an old suit at Salvation Army so I didn’t feel bad about cutting it up. I used duct tape as the patches. The head was made with a cardboard box and the I cut toilet paper rolls in half and attached to the side.

Click here for the complete tutorial. 

Rain Cloud Halloween Cardboard Costume

Rain Cloud DIY Cardboard Halloween Costumes -;

Although Lily is a Rain Cloud, she has such a joyful and happy personality. Basically all you do for this costume is hot glue polyester stuffing to a cardboard box cut into a cloud shape. Add rainbow socks to add a fun touch to the costume.

Click here for a complete tutorial. 


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