DIY Embroidered Photo Art Craft

DIY embroidered photo art craft














This week my husband and I celebrated our 18-year anniversary of meeting and being together. I wanted to give him a present. Here it is: an embroidered photo of us during one of our many trips that we took before our son Kai was born. (I was totally inspired by A Beautiful Mess’s project here.)

In this photo, we are in Bodie, an amazing ghost town in California. We took so many fun photos during that trip. This photo however is my favorite of the two of us. We are standing in front of an old decaying church. We were recently married, about a year or two, in this photo. I love the lines and the composition of the photo so much. When I first thought of doing this project, this was the first photo that popped in my head. When selecting your photo, choose one that inspires you and that has a lot of cool lines to play with.

Materials needed for this easy DIY project:

  • Black and White photo (I chose a 5”x7”)
  • Scissors Needle Small hole punch (optional)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Cardstock Glue stick

DIY embroidered photo art craft

Step 1:

Glue the back of the black and white photo with your glue stick and glue onto your cardstock.

DIY embroidered photo art craft

Step 2:

Cut your cardstock so it’s the same size as your photo. Let dry.

DIY embroidered photo art craft

Step 3:

You can either punch the needle through the photo as you go or you can punch your needle along your photo first. This is what I did. I found it easier. But if you’re doing a more elaborate pattern you may want to do it as you go.

DIY embroidered photo art craft

Project complete!

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