DIY Geometric Animal String Art

DIY Geometric Seal String Art;;

So, I’m obsessed!!! I love everything about this piece. 1: It’s string art. 2: It’s geometric. 3: It’s a seal. I love seals. I also like polar bears and penguins and narwhals. I was having a tough time deciding which animal to do, so stuck with the seal.

If you like trendy animals, stick with foxes and deer. Actually, let’s make the seal a trending animal on Pinterest. Come on, we can do it together!!

This project is pretty easy to make. You just have to think a little bit as you prep. I made this design for Brit + Co. Click here to get the complete how-to.

This would make a fun holiday gift for your friends or would look cool on your mantel among your other holiday motif. I know where this baby is going in a few weeks. I’m planning on displaying it with a couple of cool penguin statues I have. I’m going to make it an artic holiday this year. Hey, I live in Florida. It doesn’t get that cold here.

DIY Geometric Seal String Art;;

So, basically, you make an outline of your animal and start sewing.

DIY Geometric Seal String Art;;

Then you sew triangles inside the animal shape.

DIY Geometric Seal String Art;;

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make. Your friends are going to go ga-ga over it. In fact, it’d be fun to invite a few friends over for a string art party. Come on, when do you want to come over? xoxo


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