DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs;; diy marble nail polish mugs

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with anything colorful. Check out my art:

I love these mugs because they are surprisingly simple to make. You just have to do them quick. Since I was photographing the process, my mom helped me. It’s her hands you see in the photos. :) Yay for moms.

I designed these for Check out this link for the full tutorial. 


  • Nail polish – about 1 bottle per 2 cups (if you’re doing the same color)
  • A tub of hot water (not boiling, but hot)
  • A mug
  • Plastic gloves (otherwise your fingernails will have a funky new manicure.)

Instructions:;; diy marble nail polish mugs

Basically you pour your nail polish in your tub of hot water. As you can see in the photo, the nail polish is in stripes. It gets clumpy quickly, so you have to craft fast!;; diy marble nail polish mugs

then you dip your mug.;; diy marble nail polish mugs

It’s amazing how it works. The nail polish clings to the mug and there is barely any reside left in the water.

Note: The first mug I did was a fail. It was gold and the nail polish clumped together and it looked horrible. 

Once, you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing. By the fourth mug, my mom could be considered an expert.

Then you let it dry.

Remember to hand wash only. I don’t think they will last in the dishwasher at all. If you’re being brave (and lazy, which we can all get at times), then give the dishwasher a try and let me know how it goes. Is it a win or an epic fail?;; diy marble nail polish mugs

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