DIY Sharpie Entertaining Tray

diy sharpie trays;;

Don’t you just love having friends come over? I do! Luckily, when it’s spur of the moment, there are a couple of nice markets right near me where I can easily run up and buy some nice cheese, nuts and crackers. In the past, I put the goods on dinner plates or something not so fancy. So, I decided to do something about it and make some easy DIY entertaining trays with oil-based Sharpie markers. I think the black trays with the gold and silver accents made these look really sophisticated.

When creating cheese trays, I like to include some nuts, fruit, dried fruit and crackers or french toast rounds and at least two options of cheeses, even if there are just a couple of people over. No matter what, by the time everyone goes home, the trays are empty.

I recently made these for If you want a complete tutorial, click here. This project is so simple, I promise!

I made three different designs using fun tribal symbols. I think the feather one is my favorite. Which one do you like best?



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