Easy Hippie Dream Catcher DIY Craft

DIY Hippie Dream Catcher Craft

This is one of my favorite DIY projects.Before I started this blog, my son Kai begged me to make a dream catcher for him. He was obsessed for a while. I decided to help him make his (shown at the bottom of the post) and make one for my room too. It’s so easy!! I don’t have a full photo tutorial on this post, but I did the best I could and I hope I can explain it all to you so it’s as easy for you as it was for me.

DIY Hippie Dream Catcher Craft

Materials you need for your DIY dream catcher

Wooden ring (floral wreath, embroidery ring, whatever you can find or already have)



Feathers – different sizes and shapes


Old hemp necklaces (optional – I have a bunch of old ones laying around and I thought I’d up cycle them)

Sticks from your backyard


Step 1:

Wrap your ring with yarn. This is the most time consuming part. Put your on your favorite TV show and start wrapping.

Step 2:

Time to make the decorations. Tie feathers on to string. Leave an inch or two of string in between each feather. Repeat over and over until you have enough feather strings you want for your dream catcher. Also thread beads to some string. Knot in between each bead to hold it on place on the string. Braid some yarn strings.

DIY Hippie Dream Catcher Craft

Step 3:

Tie your feathers strings, bead strings, ribbons, and braided yarn strings, old hemp necklaces, whatever you have to your yarn-wrapped ring.

Step 4:

Since the web of the dream catcher is the most complicated part of the dream catcher, simply it by doing some different. This is where the sticks come in. Connect your sticks to the back of your dream catcher by sticking them into the yarn or tying them on.

IMG_1747 copy

Step 5:

Attach a large feather to the side by sticking it into the thread.

Project Complete!

DIY Hippie Dream Catcher Craft

Here’s Kai kid’s dream catcher. He picked the colors, beads, everything! He LOVES it! It’s hanging above his bed!

DIY Hippie Dream Catcher Craft

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