Healthy Chocolate Fondue + Fruit Recipe for Kids

Chocolate Fondue Recipe for Kids;

My family is all about clean eating. One of our favorites is fruit. I mean, we go through it like the world is going to end. My husband or I go to the store EVERY SINGLE DAY to pick more of it up.

I’m thankful that Kai is such a great eater. If only, he’d eat more greens like spinach and kale. He’ll eat lettuce. In fact, he loves growing it. But he won’t really touch the dark, green leafy veggies yet. That day will come – hopefully soon. He does eat broccoli though. He prefers it raw rather than cooked – and I’ll take that as a win!

One thing that Kai LOVES is when I make him a stylized plate. It makes him feel special. One of my main goals as a mom is to make his childhood magical. This is one way I like to do it.  So, today, I thought it’d be fun if I made him a special fondue treat for as an after school snack. It’s fun because he can make kebabs and dip his heart out.

You know what I’ve been up to lately – that I’m actually kinda obsessed with. I’m going to do a post about this soon. Juicing!!! I mean, I’m literally obsessed. I make about 4-5 juices a day.

Last year, I hurt my back from, of all things, a mouth guard that misaligned my spine. I had a hard time doing my regular exercises of yoga and bike riding. After weekly massages and very gentle yoga, I’m back to my normal self. But because I was sedentary for all of those months, I gained about 5-7 pounds. So, I’m on a mission to lose them and to tone up again. Wish me luck!

Anyways, back to the recipe:

Chocolate Fondue Recipe for Kids;


  • 1 tsp of coconut oil
  • ½ cup of chocolate chips (my favorite is the Enjoy Life brand)

Chocolate Fondue Recipe for Kids;


Step 1: Melt the two together in the microwave for about 1 minute. Then stir.

Step 2: Cut up 5 different types of fruit and place them in a muffin tin.

Step 3: Pour your chocolate sauce in one of the muffin tin holes.

Serve with skewers or lollipop sticks.

Chocolate Fondue Recipe for Kids;

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Chocolate Fondue Recipe for Kids;

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