Jellyfish Science Project

jellyfish in water bottle

Science + kids = happy, smart kids.

Kai loves science. He loves figuring out how things work and most importantly WHY!! This project is a mix of a craft project and science project. It’s perfect for my little Leonardo Di Vinci. Get the complete how-to at

What’s cool about this is project is:

1. Learn how air is lighter than water. You fill a balloon up with air and put it in a recycled water bottle. Once the bottle is filled with water, the balloon will rise to the top no matter which the bottle is turned.

2. You can learn how jellyfish (the balloon) is a favorite food for sea turtles. Unfortunately, balloons look like jellyfish. Sea turtles see balloons or plastic bags in the water and eat them. Many die from starvation or from the plastic getting lodged in their intestines.

3. It’s a fun craft project. You can use self-adhesive craft foam and make a sea scene on the water bottle.





jellyfish in water bottle craft


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