Glow-in-the-Dark Lightning Strike Garland

Kai turns 8 today!! His glow in the dark bowling party is this Saturday! I’m planning a lot of fun DIYs for it. I’ll show a few on my blog and a few on Stay tuned for more! I love garland. It adds

Easy DIY Hippie Tassel Necklace Craft

I’m in love with this tassel necklace look that I found on Pinterest.                               This particular necklace is from Ascot Friday and is currently sold out. Bummer, I know. So, I decided

Easy Hippie Dream Catcher DIY Craft

This is one of my favorite DIY projects.Before I started this blog, my son Kai begged me to make a dream catcher for him. He was obsessed for a while. I decided to help him make his (shown at the bottom of the post) and

DIY Embroidered Photo Art Craft

                          This week my husband and I celebrated our 18-year anniversary of meeting and being together. I wanted to give him a present. Here it is: an embroidered photo of us during

DIY Funky family photo collage

Project Description This collage puts a funky twist on your average family photo. It’s so simple and it only about an hour to make, including drying time. Project Materials: Wooden frame/shadow box (I had this leftover from a previous project. You could also use

Wish bracelets and anklets

This summer I’m obsessed with wish bracelets and anklets. The concept is simple: You tie them onto your wrist or ankle and make a wish. When they fall off your wish will come true. Why spend 3x the amount of money in Urban Outfitters

Recycled Self Watering Water Bottle Garden Craft

  Materials needed: Water bottles, Scissors, Acrylic Paint, Paintbrush, Yarn, Nail, Hammer, Soil and plants/seeds, Glitter, Water, Needle, Painter’s tape           How to: Cut your water bottle at about the five-inch mark with scissors. 2. Wrap a piece of painter’s