St. Patrick’s Day Pom Pom and Label Garland;; st. patrick's day garland diy

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling lucky. Things in my life are on an upswing – the health of my  family is getting better little by little and finally, we are starting to see big gaps between today and years past. Work is going great. I have a lot of great clients. (See how great they are for yourself, check out this other St. Patrick’s project I made.)

St. Patrick’s Day is this week. How are you going green? I’m decorating my house with this pom pom shamrock garland. I made this garland using labels from 

I also designed this garland using yarn pom poms that I made using toilet paper rolls. I wanted the garland to have a leprechaun feel, so I added a shamrock label to circles that I cut from cardstock. I also stuck gold foil labels to baker’s twine so to give it a gold coin feel. How else are you going capture a leprechaun?;; st. patrick's day garland diy

Click here to get the complete tutorial.;; st. patrick's day garland diy;; st. patrick's day garland diy

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