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How to Bedazzle a Birthday Candle

Kai turns 9 today!!!! Holy smokes!!! We are in Philadelphia. Even though we didn’t throw him a tradition birthday party, much to his dismay, I am trying to make his birthday as special as I can. I bought him a special “9” t-shirt from an Etsy shop. I even bedazzled him a birthday candle. Even little

How to: Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party

My BFF Jessica finally had the party of her dreams: a rainbow unicorn party including princess castle bounce house. She had been planning this party for weeks. In fact, she had to postpone it due to rain because she really wanted the bounce house. Knowing that I’m super crafty and that it’s kinda my thing,

DIY: Easy Hipster Bear Gift Wrap

Kai’s BFF Beahr recently celebrated his 9th birthday. Even though he didn’t have a party, we had to give him a gift. He is such a special friend and sweet, sweet boy. Since his name is Beahr, I’ve been dreaming how to incorporate a Bear into something we give him. I came up with decorating