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Easy DIY Nature-filled Christmas Ornaments

My husband isn’t a fan of Christmas decorations (gasp! – I know!!). He said his mom overloaded him with them when he was young. We were together for over 10 years before he let me bring a tree in the house. (The things you do for love????) So finally, when I did get a tree,

DIY String Art Christmas Ornaments

It’s that time of year again. Christmas craft time!!! OH YEAH! Santa is happy! These funky Christmas ornaments are so simple to make. They are perfect for little ones wanting to get in the Christmas spirit. All you need is yarn, cookie cutters, pins, glue, wax paper and foam board. Get the full how-to at

DIY Ultra Plush Tassel Bookmark

Hey DIY’ers! Have I got a cool present for you to make for Christmas this year. Bookmarks!!! Bookmarks? You may say? I say, Yeah – These aren’t your ordinary bookmarks. These have ultra-fluffy, ultra-heavenly tassels. They are so luxurious and awesome. Pass them out to all of your bookworm friends, teachers, and whoever else you

DIY Woodland Animal Silhouette Christmas Ornament Craft

 I LOVE Christmas. I love the fuzzy feeling leading up to it. It’s so fun to decorate and add joyous warmth to the home. We have a snowy woodland animal theme on our Christmas tree. I have little berries, apples, pears, pine cones and just the cutest little reindeer, foxes and owls. The colors are