Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Candy Pocket Crafts

valentines day candy pocket craft;;

My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is conversation hearts. I love them. A concoction of sugar and food dye. Normally, I try to be healthy, but there are some sweets that I just succumb to and conversation hearts is one of them. (Gum drops, Dots, candy corn and jelly beans are a few others.)

Anyways, I made these paper conversation hearts for Click here for the complete tutorial. It’s so easy. You don’t have to use monochromatic candies, you can use colorful M&Ms if you want, whatever is easiest. I bought these candies at Fresh Market, but I know Party City sells solid colored ones as well.

Basically you put your candies in a ziplock bag, then staple it to cardstock or construction paper shaped like a heart. Then you cut out a second heart, cut out the inside and glue it to the first heart.

Easy peasy and adorbs!

conversation heart valentine's day craft;;


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