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How to Make DIY Mason Jar Tissue Holders

It’s that time of year again!!! Cold an flu season. Yuck! I got hit by the flu two times last year. It was horrible!! God forbid I get hit with it again this year, but if I do, I’m ready. These cute and glittery Mason Jar Tissue Holders may not be a vaccine, but if

Glam Your Halloween Using Items You Have Around the House

Instead of spending a fortune for Halloween decorations (I mean, you already have to pay for your costume and candy. It adds up quickly), make some using things you already have around your house. I used an old photo frame, charger, candle vases and a skull that I got 40% off at Michaels with a

DIY Art Piece Using Circle Labels

Here’s an easy project that will add color to your home or office walls. It’s even great for a nursery or bathroom, basically anywhere you’d like a pop of color. All you need are colorful labels. I’m more of a cool color palette type of person. I feel better around blues and greens than reds

Halloween Cat Treat Bags

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or your class mom, here are some adorable and easy-to-make Halloween black cat treat bags. To get the complete tutorial, go to They are simple to make, but make a great impression. Basically, you need black goodie bags, silver tinsel pipe cleaners, and neon green and black card

DIY Sharpie Entertaining Tray

Don’t you just love having friends come over? I do! Luckily, when it’s spur of the moment, there are a couple of nice markets right near me where I can easily run up and buy some nice cheese, nuts and crackers. In the past, I put the goods on dinner plates or something not so

Halloween Candy Corn Jello Treat Recipe + Free Printable

Everyone loves Jello. One: it’s colorful. Two: it’s so easy to make. I made these Halloween Candy Corn Jello Treats for If you’d like a full step by step and the labels, please check out their blog. Basically, here’s how you do it. Your pour your yellow Jello (lemon or pineapple – I used

White Halloween Party and Craft Ideas

When I worked as the Lifestyle Editor for Parenting magazines a few years back before it closed, I was the in-house craft designer. One of my favorite stories that I created was based on a White Halloween Party concept. For a complete how-to on each of the projects, click here.   I loved creating the bone

DIY Cardboard Halloween Costume Ideas

Two Halloweens ago, hired me to make them some costumes out of cardboard. Here are five cardboard halloween costumes that I designed for them. I loved making these. They were all so different, but fun and not as complicated as you’d imagine. Samurai Warrior Halloween Cardboard Costume Kai is the samurai warrior. Click here for

DIY Halloween Spell Books

This Halloween projects is one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever made. They turned out so good. I used a lot of things that I already had and just had to buy a few essentials like foam letters, which were the most expensive. But if you’re a double or triple Michaels couponer like me,