3 DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes for Mother’s Day + Free Printables

You know me and my natural skincare. I’m obsessed over it. Why put chemicals on your skin if you don’t have to?

My mom is pretty natural to. She only eats organic food and loves to feed my dad greens, much to his dismay!

So, for Mother’s Day this year, I made her some coconut oil, sugar scrubs.

Honestly, my mom does so much for my brothers and me, not to mention my husband and son as well. I feel like she deserves some good old pampering.

I think both you and your mom are going to love these sugar scrubs. They are so simple to make. Literally, each one took less than five minutes.

Here are the three flavors I chose:

Green Tea and Aloe


Coconut Lime

For the complete how-to visit

All you have to do is mix the sugar with the coconut oil and add your “flavor.”

Then scoop the mixture in a pretty jar and add a label. The label is a must because it adds the little extra something-something that makes the give even more special.

For more natural skincare idea, check out these recipes I created:


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