3 inexpensive and easy pom pom and painter’s tape activities

Kai’s best buddy, Beahr, spent the day with us yesterday. So I decided to give them something to do other than watch tv all afternoon. Check it out.



All you need:

Pom poms

Painter’s tape


Two crazy kids

pom pom race

Pom pom race:

Make a race track with painter’s tape down your hallway. Give each kid a straw and a pom pom. Who ever blows their pom pom with the straw down the track fastest (while staying in the lines) wins!

wall 2

Sticky situation: 

Crisscross painter’s tape across a doorway. Give each kid their own colored pom poms. The one who sticks the most pom poms on the tape wins.

Pom pom stick ’em up:

The best activity for last! Wrap one of the friends in painter’s tape, like a mummy. Let the other friend throw pom poms at ’em. See how many pom poms stick. Take turns. This one was a hit.



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