5 Gardening Hacks You’ll Really Dig

You know my little boy Kai loves to garden. In fact, he recently created a gardening club at his school. I’m so proud of him and his passion. He watches a lot of youtube videos on gardening hacks. Here are a few of his favorite, which I wrote about for To get more info: click here. 

  1. Make your own fertilizer with banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds.


garden hacks

2. Use vinegar to kill weeds.

garden hacks

3. Start seeds in citrus peels

garden hacks

4. Use a plastic bottle as a greenhouse.

garden hacks

5. Create a pest spray with garlic, crushed red pepper flakes and soap.

garden hacks garden hacks

I volunteer with the club each week to help watch the kids and show them how to dig in the dirt, plant herbs and veggies and kill aphids. I love watching the kids taste new veggies for the first time like spinach, peppers and different types of herbs. Some like it, some don’t. But all that matters is that they tried it.

Check out some more of my garden DIY projects:


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