Back-to-School Panda Pencil Pouches


Today is the first day of school!! Eeek! Summer flew by!

I’m going to miss Kai throughout the day, but I’m also going to be able to focus on my work again. It’s tough when you work from home and a fun 8 (now 9-year old) wants to play with you, and needs a snack, and wants to paint, and needs another snack, and wants you to spray him off with the hose, and then wants another snack. (You get the drift.)

Since I now have a 3rd grader in the house, we need to be organized. I made these fun pencil pouches out of paper plates for Momtastic. We hung them up by his homework station so the can easily find his school supplies.

For a complete tutorial, click here. 

All you need are:




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