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DIY Geometric Animal String Art

So, I’m obsessed!!! I love everything about this piece. 1: It’s string art. 2: It’s geometric. 3: It’s a seal. I love seals. I also like polar bears and penguins and narwhals. I was having a tough time deciding which animal to do, so stuck with the seal. If you like trendy animals, stick with

DIY Art Piece Using Circle Labels

Here’s an easy project that will add color to your home or office walls. It’s even great for a nursery or bathroom, basically anywhere you’d like a pop of color. All you need are colorful labels. I’m more of a cool color palette type of person. I feel better around blues and greens than reds

DIY Pop Art Pennies Craft

It’s Tax Day! How did you fair? Make it on time? Did you owe or get anything back? We did pretty good! Better than last year. Thank goodness!!! LOL. I thought I’d make the most dreaded day of the year for Americans a little more lighthearted with this colorful DIY Pop Art Pennies Craft. All

DIY Embroidered Photo Art Craft

                          This week my husband and I celebrated our 18-year anniversary of meeting and being together. I wanted to give him a present. Here it is: an embroidered photo of us during one of our many trips that we took before our son

Working with charcoal

I created this art piece a few years ago after a trip to D.C., where I was inspired by Jim Dine’s 16-foot charcoal and canvas “Name Painting” (a portion of it is below beside my piece). Dine’s work is gritty, raw and resembles Santa’s naughty list, which I really like. This is the first time I worked