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Cool Foxy DIY Pasta Necklace

As a mom, it’s inevitable, you’re going to get a pasta necklace from your child sometime in your life. With love, you always place the macaroni necklace around your neck and your child beams with pride. The catch is you always take it off before you head out to pick up some last minute forgotten

How to Make an Olympic Wind Sock Craft

Don’t you just love the Olympics? I mean the world needs some uplifting right now. There has been so much chaos going on. We really need something to celebrate. Growing up, I wanted to be an Olympian – specifically in gymnastics. Unfortunately, I can’t even do a cartwheel. But a girl can dream! haha Talking

Back-to-School Hacks To Make Every Mom’s Life Easier

School starts next week. OMG! I can’t believe it. Summer flew by. We traveled to California, Seattle and St. Pete. We hunted Pokemon and went swimming. As school looms on the horizon, I teamed up with and came up with these 15 back-to-school lunch hacks that I can’t wait to do on a regular

Make Your Own DIY BoHo Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are so much fun to make. I feel like they add a cozy feel to any room, especially when they are made with lots and lot of feathers. I feel like the feathers make the dream catchers more luxurious. When making this dream catcher for (click here for the complete how-to), I

DIY Mason Jar Aquarium Craft

It’s summer time and the kids are “sooooooo bored!!” LOL! Give them an activity to make that is easy, not too messy and will occupy their time for at least a few minutes. 🙂 I designed this aquarium for Check out this link for the complete how-to. Here is what you need: Mason jars

20 Road Trip Hacks That You’ve Got to Try

Tomorrow Kai and I are traveling to California for a week to visit his BFF Beahr. They haven’t seen each other in a year. They have the type of friendship that will last a life time and beyond. Although, we are flying on a plane, I’m going to do some of these road trip hacks

Make Your Own DIY Recycled Tin Can Wind Chimes

I was rereading an old diary of mine from when I was in middle school. It said that I think I’m an environmentalist. Years later, I’ll tell you, I am. When I wrote that the news was laden with stories about the ozone layer and how we can prevent global warming. I jumped on the

20 Summer Hacks Every Mom Has To Try recently asked me to come up with 20 hacks every mom needs to try this summer. This was a fun project. From food to must-try beach ideas, click here to see a bevy of “OMG, that’s awesome” ideas. For example: Make a cool-off necklace by stringing cut sponges, soaking them water and freezing them. Use

How to Paint and Customize a DIY Door Mat

Check out this fun DIY doormat I designed for  (Click here for a complete tutorial.) Isn’t it a hoot! (LOL!) It’s actually simple to make. You just need to make your own stencils by printing words and designs that you find online and then cutting it all out using a craft knife. Then you paint

DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with anything colorful. Check out my art: I love these mugs because they are surprisingly simple to make. You just have to do them quick. Since I was photographing the process, my mom helped me. It’s her hands you see in the photos. 🙂 Yay for