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Hawaiian BBQ Sweet and Sour BBQ Sauce + Free Printables

Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop having BBQ’s. Think about it – there are tailgating parties, late-summer BBQs and pool parties and back-to-school bashes. Better yet, it can be a random Thursday night where you’re just craving a some tasty grilled chicken. Here is a delicious recipe that


Don’t you just love freshly made salsa? The tanginess of the lime. Mmm. It’s good. I recently created a peach salsa recipe for Find the complete recipe here. I make this recipe when I go to pool parties or BBQs. It’s always a big hit. I sometimes add mangoes or pineapples to the salsa.

Gluten Free Brownie Recipe

My family has been avoiding gluten for a little over a year now for my son. His health and even behavior has improved greatly because it. I can’t expect him to be on this diet alone, so I’m on the gluten free ride with him. I altered this gluten free brownie recipe that I found on

How to Make 3 Homemade DIY Scrub Gifts for Mother’s Day

This year for Mother’s Day I thought I’d treat my mom to some pampering and made her three DIY all-natural body scrubs . (Even though I’m an adult, she still takes care of me and everyone else in our family.) I prepared three different kinds of scrubs for her: 1. Oatmeal and Coffee Scrub 2.

Easy Healthy After School Kid Apple Snack Recipe

When Kai gets home from school, he is ravenous! I can’t get food into him fast enough. The other day I surprised him with a quick and easy snack with three ingredients that he LOVES. Ingredients you’ll need: Almond Butter (or any type of nut butter) Chocolate Chips Apples Here’s how you do it: Step