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DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

I don’t know about you, but I love giving gifts so much more than receiving. I enjoy the whole process of giving a gift. Thinking about the person. I mean really thinking about them – trying to figure out what makes them happy. I’ve been giving personalized gifts the last few years. I started doing

Thanksgiving Leftover Labels + Free Printables

It’s Thanksgiving time!! Yay! I can’t wait for the turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, Brussel sprouts. It’s pure heaven breaking bread with my family. For me, I especially love Thanksgiving leftovers. Oh yeah, baby! I have a big family, so I normally only get an extra meal or two of the good stuff. My mom (we

2 Fun DIY Thanksgiving Kid Crafts

Get ready for Thanksgiving with these fun Fall kid crafts and decorations. I made these a few years ago for I love them! I think think they are so festive and fun. You’ll be surprised how easy they both are to make. I love them both. Which is your favorite? Turkey Pinecone: click here

DIY Geometric Animal String Art

So, I’m obsessed!!! I love everything about this piece. 1: It’s string art. 2: It’s geometric. 3: It’s a seal. I love seals. I also like polar bears and penguins and narwhals. I was having a tough time deciding which animal to do, so stuck with the seal. If you like trendy animals, stick with

How to Make a DIY Thanksgiving Gratitude Fortune Cookie

What are you thankful for? I’m thankful for so many things: My family. My friends. My art. Enjoying life to its fullest. Seeing color and magic everywhere I look. Yoga. My morning walks. My massage therapist – lol – but for real. Holidays. Learning. Riding bikes. My home. My health. My backyard. Doing what I

Glam Your Halloween Using Items You Have Around the House

Instead of spending a fortune for Halloween decorations (I mean, you already have to pay for your costume and candy. It adds up quickly), make some using things you already have around your house. I used an old photo frame, charger, candle vases and a skull that I got 40% off at Michaels with a

Halloween Cat Treat Bags

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or your class mom, here are some adorable and easy-to-make Halloween black cat treat bags. To get the complete tutorial, go to They are simple to make, but make a great impression. Basically, you need black goodie bags, silver tinsel pipe cleaners, and neon green and black card

Halloween Candy Corn Jello Treat Recipe + Free Printable

Everyone loves Jello. One: it’s colorful. Two: it’s so easy to make. I made these Halloween Candy Corn Jello Treats for If you’d like a full step by step and the labels, please check out their blog. Basically, here’s how you do it. Your pour your yellow Jello (lemon or pineapple – I used

White Halloween Party and Craft Ideas

When I worked as the Lifestyle Editor for Parenting magazines a few years back before it closed, I was the in-house craft designer. One of my favorite stories that I created was based on a White Halloween Party concept. For a complete how-to on each of the projects, click here.   I loved creating the bone

DIY Cardboard Halloween Costume Ideas

Two Halloweens ago, hired me to make them some costumes out of cardboard. Here are five cardboard halloween costumes that I designed for them. I loved making these. They were all so different, but fun and not as complicated as you’d imagine. Samurai Warrior Halloween Cardboard Costume Kai is the samurai warrior. Click here for