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DIY Valentine’s Day Pretzel Arrow Treat

Valentine’s Day is in two days!!! What will you be giving your sweetheart? How about these tasty Cupid Arrow pretzels? I came up with this pretzel arrow idea a few weeks ago and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I haven’t seen anyone else doing them. Totally original! (I think! Tell me if

DIY Super Bowl Party + Free Printables

The Super Bowl is this weekend – you know what that means … lots of funny commercials!! LOL – I know there are tons of football fanatics out there just waiting to see who will win the 50th anniversary of the game. Hold on…let me look up who is playing. Oh okay, it’s the Panthers

4 DIYs for a Ninja Party

My son Kai is a black belt in Taekwando. It took him three years to achieve his goal! Amazing accomplishment for a 8 year old (he’s nine now). He loves ninja things. So a few years back (yes I said a few years. I forgot to post this), I threw him a ninja birthday party.

How to Make a DIY Thanksgiving Gratitude Fortune Cookie

What are you thankful for? I’m thankful for so many things: My family. My friends. My art. Enjoying life to its fullest. Seeing color and magic everywhere I look. Yoga. My morning walks. My massage therapist – lol – but for real. Holidays. Learning. Riding bikes. My home. My health. My backyard. Doing what I

Glam Your Halloween Using Items You Have Around the House

Instead of spending a fortune for Halloween decorations (I mean, you already have to pay for your costume and candy. It adds up quickly), make some using things you already have around your house. I used an old photo frame, charger, candle vases and a skull that I got 40% off at Michaels with a

DIY Cardboard Halloween Costume Ideas

Two Halloweens ago, hired me to make them some costumes out of cardboard. Here are five cardboard halloween costumes that I designed for them. I loved making these. They were all so different, but fun and not as complicated as you’d imagine. Samurai Warrior Halloween Cardboard Costume Kai is the samurai warrior. Click here for

DIY Halloween Spell Books

This Halloween projects is one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever made. They turned out so good. I used a lot of things that I already had and just had to buy a few essentials like foam letters, which were the most expensive. But if you’re a double or triple Michaels couponer like me,

Photo Superhero Magnet Paper Dolls

  Every kid at one point or another has dreamed of being able to fly or run super fast. Now your kids can transform themselves into their own superhero with these DIY photo magnets. I love these because it reminds your child that no matter the situation, he can be his own hero. He is

DIY Travel Adventure Journal

My parents, Kai and I recently traveled to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia for 12 days. It was like a crash course in American history. We went to Mount Vernon, where George Washington grew up, all of the Smithsonian museums (I enjoyed the natural history museum, the American history museum and the portrait gallery the best), Gettysburg

Kid Light Bulb – Battery Science Experiment

Over a year ago, Netflix came to me and asked me to make them a science experiment to promote some of their movies. I decided to show this Light Bulb/Battery Experiment. Kai loves science. I mean loves it. He is always trying to figure out how things work and why. He is always making inventions.