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DIY Back-to-School Recycled Homework Station

It’s that time of year again! Pencils, markers and the dreaded homework – dun, dun, dun!!! Here is an easy way for you to help your kids (and your kitchen table) stay organized. To be honest, my kitchen table turns into a catch all. Bookbags are hung on the backs of chairs, notices from the

Back-to-School Panda Pencil Pouches

Today is the first day of school!! Eeek! Summer flew by! I’m going to miss Kai throughout the day, but I’m also going to be able to focus on my work again. It’s tough when you work from home and a fun 8 (now 9-year old) wants to play with you, and needs a snack,

How to Make a DIY Blanket Fort

Last year I teamed up with Netflix and transformed my living room into a cool blanket fort for family movie night. It’s also a great idea for a sleep over!! Here’s how to do it in a just a few simple steps. Just don’t forget the candy and popcorn! Supplies: Fishing line or string Pillows

Jellyfish Science Project

Science + kids = happy, smart kids. Kai loves science. He loves figuring out how things work and most importantly WHY!! This project is a mix of a craft project and science project. It’s perfect for my little Leonardo Di Vinci. Get the complete how-to at What’s cool about this is project is: 1.

Chill Out and Cool Off with a DIY Peacock Paper Fan

Add some flair to your summer with this paper peacock, finger painted fan I crafted for Get the full how-to here. I love working with paper. Card stock is my favorite. I like how it’s a little heavier than regular paper, but it’s still easy to work with. Want to see some of my

Gluten Free Brownie Recipe

My family has been avoiding gluten for a little over a year now for my son. His health and even behavior has improved greatly because it. I can’t expect him to be on this diet alone, so I’m on the gluten free ride with him. I altered this gluten free brownie recipe that I found on

How to Make Fourth of July Ombre Paper Plate Bowls

Are you throwing a 4th of July BBQ or pool party? Here are some simple 4th of July decorations made out of paper plates and washi tape. It’s an easy project that your kids can do while you’re prepping for the rest of the party. It’s so easy to make. You use kid watercolors to

How to Make Easy DIY BoHo Tassel Bracelets

Happy Friday!!! I recently designed and crafted Tassel Bracelets for (For the complete, how-to: click here.) I love these because they are playful, colorful and so simple to make. All you need are 6/0 seed beads, embroidery thread, elastic jewelry string, jump rings and a needle. Here are some other bracelets that I made

Make Father’s Day POP with a DIY Movie Night + free printable

Celebrate dear ol’ dad with a fun night filled with movies and popcorn. I recently designed this movie treat tray and popcorn boxes for Click here for the complete how-to and FREE downloadable printable. Check out more of my Father’s Day crafts and projects.   Dad’s Stache Jar Father’s Day Beer and Cigar Labels

DIY Egg Carton Masks

Not sure what to do with your child this summer? Keep ’em busy with fun creative crafts to make together with things you have around the house. Here is one that your kids can use to pretend to be birds. Supplies needed: Egg carton Card stock or construction paper Paint brush Craft paint Yarn Scissors