DIY Back-to-School Recycled Homework Station

Back to School Homework Station:

It’s that time of year again! Pencils, markers and the dreaded homework – dun, dun, dun!!!

Here is an easy way for you to help your kids (and your kitchen table) stay organized. To be honest, my kitchen table turns into a catch all. Bookbags are hung on the backs of chairs, notices from the school and teacher are stacked (neatly – yeah-right) and pencils and other odds and ends that you never know what to do with are strewn around. We need a system and this year, I plan on implementing it (as soon as I figure it out.) But this homework station is a start.

All you need to make this upcycled DIY Homework Station are things you probably already have around your house.

Back to School Homework Station:


For the complete tutorial, go to

But basically, it’s a pretty simple how-to.

All you have to do figure out how you’d like to organize your station. We have a lot of pens and markers, so I used four cans. You can use two or six or whatever your family needs. I put the oatmeal box in front of the cereal box and two cans on each side. I then started taping! I taped all around the boxes in the inside as well. If you don’t you’ll see cardboard and that’s not very attractive. I used different colors of duct tape to the station for more pizazz. Then I added some washi tape to the station for more color and design interest. I think it turned out great!

DIY Homework Station:

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