DIY Citrus Peel Bird Feeder Cups


Feed the birds – tuppence a bag” — this is from Mary Poppins, in case you didn’t know. And you know how much I love Mary Poppins!

But for real, let’s take a que from our favorite nanny and feed the birds using old citrus peels. I recently wrote an article about this for Mother Nature Network. So, click on the link for complete how-to.

It’s so easy to do. Just hollow out your citrus peel. I personally just eat the oranges like this anyway, although I normally flip the orange peel on top of itself to create a pretty flower and then eat the fruit like that. My mom taught me that and I’ve always done it. It’s a little tradition that I grew up doing that I’m so excited that I was able to teach Kai. My mom also cut my apples a certain way to get the core out and I do the same for Kai. I feel weird if it’s not cut that way. I don’t know. I have a thing when it comes to eating fruit, it’s very sentimental to me.

Anyways, back to the birds. I recently put these bird feeders out and the squirrels gobbled them up so quickly – peels and all. They are insane near me. They will eat everything! But here is how I did it. I used a plastic yarn needle to poke through the peels and thread the yarn. Then I simply hung the peels to the tree and poured in the birdseed.



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