DIY Eggshell Seedlings; eggshell seedlings;

If you’re a regular following of my blog, you’ll know that my son Kai really digs gardening. He has a nice garden in the backyard full of veggies. We buy starter plants from the store, but he also plants seeds as well. We recently read about starting seedlings in eggshells because shells are packed with nutrients that is great for the plants.

So, we started growing some for Mother Nature Network. Get the full tutorial here. 

It’s pretty simple to do. Just crack open a shell, put in your dirt and bury some seeds. We used chives.; eggshell seedlings;

When they grow a bit, you can plant it directly in your garden. Just be sure to crack the bottom of the shell.; eggshell seedlings;

Or you can decorate your house with them by adding googly eyes and a sharpie mouth to the shell. Haha. These egg shells crack me up.

Kai is the happiest in his garden. In fact, we recently started volunteering at the University of Central Florida’s garden. They provide about 70-90 pounds of food a month to students who can’t afford food. Kai loves the people who work there. He is asking so many questions and learning so much. He’s charmed them and they are constantly giving him free plants or branches from plants so he can root them.

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