DIY Halloween Spell Books; DIY-Halloween-Spell-Books

This Halloween projects is one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever made. They turned out so good. I used a lot of things that I already had and just had to buy a few essentials like foam letters, which were the most expensive. But if you’re a double or triple Michaels couponer like me, then it’s not so bad.

I cut the shapes out of self-adhesive craft foam, stuck them onto the book and then used hot glue to give more of a 3-D effect. I think smeared Mod Podge onto the book and craft foam. Then I laid tissue paper over the book and brushed more Mod Podge over it. Then let it dry. Then painted it black and then brushed some glitter paint on top.

For a complete tutorial, head over to Pop Sugar. (I’m so excited to start writing for them. This is my first assignment for them. I can’t wait to do more.); DIY-Halloween-Spell-Books

Don’t forget the spines!!!; DIY-Halloween-Spell-Books; DIY-Halloween-Spell-Books; DIY-Halloween-Spell-Books

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