DIY Mother’s Day Tea Cup Garden Craft


Mother's Day Tea Cup Garden -;

Hey Dads, Yeah! I’m talking to you!!!

Together with your child, make this special gift for Mother’s Day this year. This is even a fun idea for grandma. And once the plant dies, because it most likely will (at least if it’s in my house), mom and grandma will have a special tea cup made just for her.

There are a few ways to do it:

  1. Have your child write a special note on it.
  2. Draw a pretty design on it.
  3. Make a few and write the name of the herb growing in it. (It’s especially cool if you just grow tea herbs in the cups. In fact, I got this idea while visiting Epcot’s English tea garden. Ahh, Disney, you’re so clever!)

It’s so easy. All you need is oil-based Sharpies and an oven.

For a complete how-to, go to 

Mother's Day Tea Cup Garden -;

Mother's Day Tea Cup Garden -;

Mother's Day Tea Cup Garden -;

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