DIY Valentine’s Day Arrow Cupcakes

DIY Valentine's Day Arrow Cupcakes;;

Throwing a Valentine’s Day party this year? You have to serve these adorable Cupid cupcakes. Buy store-bought cupcakes or make your own. Then take off the wrapper and skewer the cake with a paper straw. Then adorn the paper straw with red heart and rectangular labels. Cut the rectangular label to give it a feather shape.

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DIY Valentine's Day Arrow Cupcakes;;

What do you love about Valentine’s Day? I think spreading love into the universe is pretty special and will come back to you full force. Love is a powerful thing. This Valentine’s Day set the intention to spread love to everyone you meet and into everything you do – including the dishes. 🙂 You’ll be surprised how great you’ll feel.

My friends and I try to be as mindful as we can. Being mindful means you’re focusing on the topic at hand. If I’m doing the dishes, let me feel the water run over my hands and feel the sponge on my fingertips. This is sometimes a challenge because everyone in my family says I have ADD. I guess I do, I’m always bouncing from one task to the other with the full intention of completing it. For example, I complete the task, but then I get side tracked to the next project without properly cleaning up. This is something I’ve been trying to be more mindful of and I’m working to improve. What can you be more mindful of? Let’s start a conversation.

DIY Valentine's Day Arrow Cupcakes;;

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