Glam Your Halloween Using Items You Have Around the House;;

Instead of spending a fortune for Halloween decorations (I mean, you already have to pay for your costume and candy. It adds up quickly), make some using things you already have around your house. I used an old photo frame, charger, candle vases and a skull that I got 40% off at Michaels with a coupon. I mean, you can’t not have a ceramic skull.

Kai is obsessed with decorating. He has been making things for weeks. Last week we bought that spooky spiderweb stuff and it’s all over the outside and inside of the house. It’s Kai’s dream come true.

All you need is a little glitter, glue and rhinestone stickers and you’ve got yourself a glam and sparkly Halloween.

For a complete tutorial on these Halloween DIYs, go to;;;;;;

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