How to Make a DIY Blanket Fort

Blanket fort; family movie night;;; netflix

Last year I teamed up with Netflix and transformed my living room into a cool blanket fort for family movie night. It’s also a great idea for a sleep over!!

Here’s how to do it in a just a few simple steps. Just don’t forget the candy and popcorn!



Fishing line or string



Sheets, blankets, fabric

Twinkly lights





Step 1: Use pushpins to cover your family room walls with fabric, sheets, blankets (whatever you have). Push the pins as close to the ceiling as you can.


Step 2: Cut a piece of fishing line so you can string it from one end of the room to the other. Wrap the ends of the string around the push pins that are already in the walls. If you need extra support, take the fishing line to the ceiling as well. One the fishing line is secure, gently drape a sheet over it.


Step 3: Next string the twinkly lights on top of the sheets also using the tacks in the walls. (Why make extra holes if you don’t have to.)


Step 4: Use your left over blankets and sheets and cover your couch floor with them. Throw pillows around for extra coziness. Don’t forget the balloons to make it a party!

Blanket fort; family movie night;;; netflix

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