How to Make Mini Succulent Cork Magnets

Mini Succulent Cork Magnets;;

Here’s a little secret, I don’t really drink wine very often. My parents and aunt and uncle, however do! They drink the fancy stuff. I prefer fruity drinks.

But there is one thing about wine that fascinates me – why do people always save the cork? My mom has bags of them. So does my aunt.

So, being a craft designer (I’m always thinking of what I could be making next), I thought I’d recycle some of these wine corks and transform them into mini planter magnets.

This project is a clever way to add green to your kitchen. Sure, you’ll have to spritz the plants every so often, but really, that’s not that big of a deal.

For the complete tutorial go to Mother Nature Network.  While there, check out other projects I designed for them.

Mini Succulent Cork Magnets;;

So all you need to do this project is:


  • Corks
  • Succulent cuttings
  • Craft knife
  • Hot glue
  • Magnets
  • Soil


Mini Succulent Cork Magnets;;

  1. Cut holes into the cork.
  2. Hot glue the magnet to the side of the cork.
  3. Stuff soil in the cork
  4. Put in your plant.

So easy and oh-so-cute!!!

Mini Succulent Cork Magnets;;

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