How to Make Your Own Crystal Essense

How to Make Your Own DIY Crystal Essence;

Did you know that you can harness the vibration of a crystal into a liquid so you can use internally or even topically? I recently wrote a post for on the subject.

Actually, this is a project my family loves to do, especially Kai. (As you can see below…he loves to make messes. But it’s just water in this case, so it’s all good. See pics below…)

Here’s what you do: You send intentions into the crystal. Do you need more balance in your life? Do you need more energy? Do you need more self love? Whatever you need you can manifest. Positive thoughts permeate through everything. Crystals harness the vibrations you send out. The crystals own vibration plus your intention is what makes the crystal essences work.

How to Make Your Own DIY Crystal Essence;

After you make your intentions, then set your crystal in water (preferably in a glass jar) and then set it outside for 24 hours – so it gets the maximum benefits from the sun’s and moon’s energy.

How to Make Your Own DIY Crystal Essence;

After the 24 hours, you can drink it, add a few drops to your fish bowl, plants, or into your lotions. The possibilities of positive energy is endless.

Love you enjoy!

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