How to Transform a Disco Ball into a Groovy Planter

Disco Ball Planter Pot;;

I’m so in love with this planter that I made for (Click here for the complete tutorial.)

It’s so simple.

Did you know that most disco balls are made from hollowed out styrofoam? I didn’t until I accidentally broke one a few years ago. Then I started brainstorming options for cool spring planters. I remembered how the disco ball’s styrofoam was hollow and thought, “OMG! Disco balls would be the coolest planter ever!)

I love anything sparkly and I love plants so the combo is so me!


Disco Ball Planter Pot;;

Step 1: You cut open the 8″ disco ball with a sharp kitchen knife.

Step 2: Stick rubber stoppers on the bottom of the disco ball so it won’t roll off the table.

Step 3: Place your potted plant inside the disco ball. The pot was 4″.

Disco Ball Planter Pot;;

I did realize that the disco ball leaks a little when you water the plant. To my surprise, I thought styrofoam was solid and water proof. Maybe not all kinds.

Disco Ball Planter Pot;;

This also makes an awesome birthday gift for just about anyone. I mean, who wouldn’t love a disco ball with a plant inside! I would be so excited if one of my friends made this for me. Wouldn’t you?

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