Kid Light Bulb – Battery Science Experiment

Over a year ago, Netflix came to me and asked me to make them a science experiment to promote some of their movies. I decided to show this Light Bulb/Battery Experiment. Kai loves science. I mean loves it. He is always trying to figure out how things work and why. He is always making inventions. Most often or not, it has something to do with money, aka a cash register, money holder, etc., etc.

Kid Lightbulb-Battery Experiment;


  • Wire
  • Duct Tape (I used a couple different colors so it looks extra fun.)
  • Four D Batteries
  • Mini Flashlight Bulb


Kid Lightbulb-Battery Experiment;

Step 1: Hold your wire to the bottom of one of your D batteries. Then place the light bulb so it’s touching the top of the D battery. Then watch it glow as you touch the opposite end of the wire to the light bulb.

Kid Lightbulb-Battery Experiment;

Step 2: Repeat the experiment with a second battery by connecting the batteries on top of each other with duct tape. What happens when you add the second battery?

Kid Lightbulb-Battery Experiment;

Step 3: Again repeat the experiment by connecting three batteries with duct tape. What happens now?

Kid Lightbulb-Battery Experiment;

Step 4: Now add a fourth battery? What happens?

This is a fun family experiment that just takes a couple of minutes. But, I promise, if your kid is like Kai, you’ll spend a while repeating it over and over. Watch out because the batteries and the light bulb gets hot.


Have fun!


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