Make Your Own DIY Seed Bombs

how to make seed bombs;;

Have you ever heard of seed bombs? I’m so obsessed with the idea!

In fact, I just made some for Mother Nature Network. Click here for the complete tutorial! 

Anyways, seed bombs are little balls of dirt and clay filled with seeds. What you do is throw them into empty lots or places that you’d love to see flowers bloom.  This is also called guerrilla gardening. It’s kind of like guerrilla warfare, but peaceful and full of flowers. 🙂 It reminds me of this photo from the 60’s where a hippie held a flower up against soldiers. This was during the March on the Pentagon. She was trying just to talk to them.

@French photojournalist Marc Riboud

@French photojournalist Marc Riboud

It’s so beautiful!

Anyways, back to gardening…

how to make seed bombs;;

These bombs are so easy to make. All you need is to mix together:

  • Clay
  • Soil
  • Seeds

with some water. I bought the clay from Amazon for $10. 

I live in Florida and I couldn’t go out and pick up natural clay. So I figured buying it would be easiest.

I threw some in my back yard the other day. I can’t wait for the seeds to start to sprout! 🙂

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