Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree Kid Craft


I’ve got a project for all of you design fans! A mid-century modern tinsel Christmas tree. It’s so easy and oh-so-retro. It’ll keep your kids busy as you do all of your holiday prep work. (Sometimes it feels endless doesn’t it?)

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  • Scissors
  • Silver pipe cleaners
  • Pony beads
  • 1″ wooden spool
  • Washi tape,

Cut your pipe cleaners so they are at various lengths. You’ll want two pipe cleaners at each length.,

Then twist the pipe cleaners around the tree’s trunk, which consists of three pipe cleaners wrapped around each other.,

Wrap washi tape around the spool.,

Place beads on your tree for the ornaments and then stick the tree in it’s craft spool base.

Project done!

Merry christmas!




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